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Today's ashes are tomorrow's soil

Passeite Limited Edition - Galega

We would like to present our one time Passeite Limited Edition - Galega

This 100 ml monovariaty Galega olive oil has fantastic aromas of sweet apple & nuts and a slight peppery taste. Your perfect friend for delicate dishes. Our grove was 100% organic maintained although we don't have the official European certificate (takes over 3 years)

15 Oktober 2017 we will never forget. Our favorite grove partly burned to the ground. Just a few liters were saved from these beautiful ancient Galega trees. From the burnt olivewood we made a special keychain. The number represents the tree we are able to plant on behalf of your purchase.

This olive oil is dedicated to our newest family member Serra da Estrela puppy: Galega. Galega was born after the fires and had a rough start being left alone just being a couple weeks old.

Besides planting a new tree we will donate our earnings into a foundation for abandoned Serra da Estrela dogs who are as well suffering due to the fire damage in Central Portugal.

Your purchase helps us maintaining the Central Portugal heritage and we thank you for supporting us!

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