29-30 SEPTEMBER 2020


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Delivery Method: Sailcargo Scheveningen Harbour


The farmers will collect and package your purchase


Your purchase will be carefully put on board of "De Gallant" 


You will receive a notification when the ship arrives in Scheveningen to pick up your order


There are many more products and producers to support, Please check our Product brochure and contact us if you want to buy or help the Voyage COOP 


With an ocean of possibilities and just a few hands we can use all the help. So are you living in a port, you have a restaurant, you wanna resell, carry cargo, supply the crew with food and basically be part of an amazing movement contact us!!!




Please get in touch as we are just a single player in this field and we can use your help.



Bedankt voor je bericht



Portuguese Farmers with a mission:

doing good for nature... 


From different terroirs all around Portugal we have found the nicest farmers to collaborate with. All high qualified products to guarantee you get the best..



As farmers we breath sustainable solutions, using all natural way of producing. But did you know a truck from Porto to for example the Netherlands will produce about 2.5t of CO2? So we figured we can do it different by using the power of the wind.


By pre-sales, we can better tailor our planning and guarantee our quality. We package just before the voyage so that the olive oil is stored in our stainless steel tanks as long as possible. Free from light, air and temperature. In addition to the fact that we do not create emissions during transport, the olive oil in the hold of the ship remains dark and cooled by the temperature of the ocean and thus top-notch condition.


There are several amazing and beautiful ships involved with sailing cargo. Our leading lady with a mission is from New Dawn Traders. She is mainly responsible for connecting the dots in the process. The journey is definitely more then signing off a transport paper and putting the cargo on board. The dedication of the teams and the care for the cargo is incredible and that is exactly why we as farmers choose this type of transport for our products.

This next journey is being done by "De Gallant" from the

Blue Schooner Company

Besides shipping cargo all ships offer an opportunity to jump onboard and learn all about sailing these old beauties.

But beware: not for everybody.


It can be rough, heavy but very rewarding!




Scheveningen Harbour

From buying a single bottle to rallying your town around the ship’s arrival with song and dance, there are many ways to take part and we need YOU to make this a success. 

To make sure we can keep delivering in Scheveningen Harbour we need you. Become a Port Ally that helps collecting preorders to 

Perhaps you have a RESTAURANT or SHOP that would like to use or sell our cargo? So long as you can collect from the ship, all our products are packaged and certified to EU standards for sale to the public…

If you would like to facilitate the ship’s stay in YOUR HOME PORT, then get in touch. We have a growing network of sail cargo ships and could place your port on the schedule for 2021.

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