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LOVE (Y)our nature...

Thank you for either scanning our QR code or finding out more about our mission.


Love (y) our nature is exactly what you are doing by supporting us.  A super healthy extra virgin olive oil has great health benefits.

But sadly our industry isn't all sunshine.


Because EU and policy makers offering financial support for farmers mostly look at reducing costs and gaining quantity, the super intensive farms have taken over great parts of Portugal. These kind of agricultural methods are destroying eco-systems and polluting soils.  Due to these visions young farmers like us don't stand a chance succeeding living of a small farm alone.  Bureaucracy, but also lack of local interest only pushes this further away.  This is why we try to change it by setting the right example and inspire it can be done!

But we need you to support us. By telling our story and  respecting nature does it's thing. Some years flavours and quality are different than others. Taking care of our ecological footprint is our priority number one!


Have a look how we try to accomplish this.

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