~ With Love from the Passos Family ~


Passeite is originated by the family Passos.

Over 30 years ago Marjolijn (Dutch) and João (Portuguese) Passos started a beach restaurant “2Passos” at Ancão beach in the Algarve, Portugal. Marjolijn and João are retired but food business still runs in their blood and us. We own a house called o Moinho at Beira Litoral – Condeixa-a-Nova- Atadoinha, situated 12 km south of Coimbra. O Moinho (the Mill) used to be an old water mill. It was converted into a house in 1985. Some of the old details were left in their original state such as the mills that are situated in the living room and still work. Along the house came some plots of land and after some chats with locals on what to do with the land, the Passos family decided to start an olive grove in 2001.


The area and climate is ideal for keeping olive trees. Coimbra area is one of the oldest olive oil producing areas and was already producing back in the Roman period. Conímbriga is one of the largest and best preserved Roman settlements in Portugal.  Conímbriga lies a little walk from our farm.


In 2005 the grove started to produce olives. From 2015 onwards the hobby turned into a business with help from the new Passos generation. The son of Marjolijn and João, Guilherme and his wife Marije, are passionate about the grove and started to approach friends and family for stay overs to help picking olives. The love of the hobby was strong enough for Marije & Gui to live on the farm and give up careers to pursue making high quality olive oil.  With purchases of lands and cooperation with grove-owners they try to put olive oil from Coimbra back on the map.


The olives and trees are nurtured with love and this can be tasted in our olive oil. Passeite oil is very exclusive and only available in specially selected gourmet shops or through our online shop.

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