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Collaboration to support local businesses.

Faianças de Coimbra

Coimbra pottery is based on the polychromatic styles, geometric forms and images of the 15th century. By the 17th century, Vasco da Gama had returned from India and Chinese porcelain was widely recognised throughout Portugal and Europe. Asian/Moorish influences disappeared and a truly Portuguese style of colourful pottery began in Coimbra’s many workshops and factories, thanks to the high quality clay and trading possibilities of the Mondego river.


The 17th-century style, displaying Portuguese hunting scenes, is popular again now. Given the decline in interest throughout the 20th century, many painters lost their factory jobs, but fortunately some kept the art alive in small workshops around Condeixa.


We are proud to have such talented men, Rebelo and Barrico, in our village. Tammy, of T.G. Ceramics, is an independent pottery maker in the Coimbra area who made this very bottle.

Since all three of us were affected by loss of work and income due to Covid-19, we joined forces to make this unique bottle and keep our crafts alive!

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 We can't guarantee deliveries will be in time for Christmas for orders outside Portugal from 23 November 2020 and onwards.

The last 30 bottles are still being made. 


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