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At Work - Farming


We are believers of heritage and doing things right for nature. Unfortunately we can not show the official "organic" label on our bottle because of our way of work and types of groves. Most groves are not owned by us but managed. Many organic farmers have few hectares of land attached making the process of certifying easy and costworthy. We are dealing with over 5 different landowning families and groves between 0.3 - 2 hectares. The costs to get all these plots certified don't justify the reason why that label is made in the first place.

"Organic farming is a technique and not a label"

Organic farming is a technique, which involves the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals in natural ways. This process involves the use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimizing pollution and wastage.

We have stopped tilling the groves and introduced sheep for grazing. Over 5 years we have replaced the chemical appliances to beat the olive fly and using compost and organic materials to improve the soil. We avoid as much as we can, burning wood and pruning material by converting them into wood chips and mulch. 


We are always open to come and see for yourself how we do this.



Pruning season. We have equipment and practice to prune traditional and intense groves. We offer the service as well.

Protecting against humidity & fertilizing soil.


Intercropping with local beans and vegetables. 

Flowering season, the animals go to different plots to avoid damage.  Natural foliant spray to improve fruit development


Olive Fly monitoring and prevention by traps and Kaolin spray.  Harvest of other crops. Watering baby trees. Preparation and maintenance for upcoming harvest.


Harvest, Olive picking for around a month with night-milling. 

Filtering, storage of the oil for sales throughout the year. Preparing the grove for winter season.

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