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Holiday Greetings

Olive oil Christmas

Dearest clients, friends, family, employees, suppliers, logistic partners, fellow producers and neighbours,

During holidays we like to look back and it hasn't been our easiest of years working on the lands. Water, Fire and Wind are elements making our work challenging. Therefore we took a little break after harvest to travel with the kids and see what Portugal has to offer besides our little place in the centre. It was wonderful, inspiring and scary. Portugal has so many groves...

...and here we are with just a few olive groves with little resources, no tradition nor past in the industry. We are just following our hearts...

So, when we look back, we are proud at our accomplishments so far!

And when we look ahead? We are growing slowly but steady and that is all because of you...

You are our stars!

Wishing everybody wonderful holidays and a healthy 2019.

~ With love from the Passos Family ~

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