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Harvest 2015

So this is the year of change. Passeite always been a passion of the family but why not follow this passion and make it a business? So, bye Holland and hello Portugal. We took our famous little red VW Bus to her final big road trip across Europe. On route and ready to be part of the harvest team where our lovely friends from Curaçao Martin & Denise and by air our Dutch neighbour Ruud flew in trying to convince us to go back to our house in Holland but by the end of the week he didn't want to leave either.

We did a mayor pruning session in March 2015 so we knew the harvest was not going to be big. The climate was a little against us as well, we had difficulties with the olive fly that attacked on a majority of the Picual trees. We decided to not use these for our oils. We were however very excited to pick up the first Galega's on our land and Arbequina as always has shown she is the best fit for our ground and climate.

Since we starting up more professionally we have also invested in agricultural engineers and an official certified laboratory to do all the analyses of the trees and oils to be able to understand and grow better for 2016. We will plant more trees as well.

As for our fans, we are sorry to not have as much as usual. We will not do any markets in Netherlands this year but have come up with a solution to get your oils at some pick-up addresses or delivery. Just send a email and we will contact you.

With love from our Harvest crew 2015

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